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Petillant Miss Sonshine 2018

Petillant Miss Sonshine 2018

Region:   Organic grapes from Domaine Pintray, Lussault sur Loire, Touraine.  

Grape: 100% Cabernet Franc


Alcohol: 12,5%

Vinification:  Harvested by hand in Touraine, vinified in Noizay.

This wine is a petillant naturel. Bottled during the alcoholic fermentation when there’s 17 grams of residual sugar left. The fermentation continues in the bottle. A Blanc de noirs, white wine made from red grapes. Grapes harvested 1 week earlier than for the red wine. They are pressed directly. Only the first part of the pressing is used for the petillant. The second part has a pinky colour so is kept apart.

Notes: Very floral, hints of ripe apples and pears with a long finish.

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    France and the Netherlands (only).



    1-6 bottles = €15

    7 > bottles and more = € 25

    Prices incl VAT

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